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Custom New Pallets

All the pallets we produce are custom designed to match the needs of our customer. Some of our customers use common 48"x40" GMA pallets, but our custom pallets range for 24"x24" up to 48"x164". We use three unique auto nailers and multiple hand bays producing around 2500 new pallets per shift.

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Precision Cut Pallet Lumber

We carry a large stock of softwood lumber of various species and dimensions. We have the efficiency and various equipment to process your lumber needs. We can PET to with a tolerance of 1/16" or economically Package Cut to within 3/16".

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PET Cutting, Resawing, Notching

Our Reman has allowed us to be self sufficient. We have all the equipment needed to care of processing pallet lumber and custom cutting orders. We process PTL or random lumber, notch, resaw, package cut, groove dunnage, and can HT IPPC stamp in-line.

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Certified IPPC and ISPM-15  

We meet strict ISPM-15 standards for pallets to be shipped overseas. We can provide the documentation so that you can confidently ship your products anywhere in the world. We have Certified IPPC stamping and HT


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PDS Drawings and Weight Ratings

The "Pallet Design System" is the software we use to give complete specifications of pallet type, size and style, from dimensions and arrangements of all components to all the materials used to construct the pallet. The PDS will provide pallet load specifications along with drawings.

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